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LiteSentry Hawk 4 - Scratch + Defect Inspection System

Hawk® 4

Scratch + Defect Inspection System for Glass

The Hawk® Scratch + Defect Inspection system for IG/Double Glaze fabrication, tempering, and coating lines detects a wide range of scratches, digs, and other defects.

Intercept defects before shipment.

Hawk™ 4 is a high-resolution camera-based inspection system. The Hawk inspects both front and rear surfaces of monolithic or laminated glass as it moves down the fabrication line

» Key Application: Tempering Lines, Coating Lines, IG Lines

High-resolution cameras find all defect types in dark field & bright field dual lighting systems

Defects are graded based on easy-to-use criteria

Defects are displayed on the screen when the part arrives at the inspection station or past a certain point on the conveyor

Actual Images from Hawk

Technical Specifications

Width of substrate: Up to 96 inches/2500 mm
Size of glass sheets measured:The entire length and width of all glass is inspected
Thickness of Glass (mm): 2.0 to 12.0 
Transmittance of Glass: 50 to 100%. Increased absorption results in decreased sensitivity to rear side defects.
Shape and orientationAll shapes and orientations are measured and displayed
Conveyor Velocity: Up to 2,160 inches/min (914 mm/s) through the inspection system

Defect Type, Resolution & Accuracy: The system may be tuned to detect defects of the defined size or greater

General Meets or exceeds the requirements defined in ASTM 1036-11 Q2 
Point Blemish (Dig) 0.5 mm diameter
Linear Blemish 6 mm Light, 25 mm Faint
Tin spots 0.5 mm diameter
Coating flaws:  point blemishes, pinholes & debris 0.5 mm diameter 
Size of rectilinear glass X and Y to +/- 3 mm
Color uniformity, discoloration, glass corrosion Not inspected for these criteria

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