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Virtual Digitizing – Digitize Templates

Digital object data capture with maximum precision

VirtualDigitizing – a software application for flexible digitization solutions for templates that can be used easily and quickly in any industry. This results in an unprecedented reduction in workload and increased flexibility.

VirtualDigitizing – will change the way you work.

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You are tired making objects and templates laboriously with a digitizing table?
Then we have the ideal solution for you!

With VirtualDigitizing you can save up to 50% of your valuable time and thus saves costs for your company. Increase business productivity – once you have acquired VirtualDigitizing it is completely maintenance-free. Easy handling in the digitizing process of glass, templates and patterns enables highly accurate object detection.

Always as flexible as you are

New version 20.2 available

New functions, improvements and add-ons

  • Save reference templates and open them using the dropdown menu
  • “Save project” query before loading a new project or photo
  • “Auto corner closing” now works regardless of the digitization order
  • The smallest circumscribed rectangle is now always shown dimensioned in the “cutting layer”
  • “Auto corner closing” is now also available in the digitization functions and favorites
  • New layer structure with 30 layers
  • PDF print function
  • Zoom window function for detail areas
  • Improved spline optimization
  • Automatic name suggestion when saving
  • Automatic country language recognition
  • Positioning of texts & annotations

3 steps to your template

With the help of a calibrated digital camera, a reference measure and the innovative VirtualDigitizing software (which includes contour detection), you can convert any template/pattern/object into a DXF file within a very short amount of time (< 5min).

This allows templates/patterns/objects from a few millimetres to several meters in size to be easily, flexibly and rapidly digitized.



Photograph the template you wish to digitize, including four reference points.

These points with crosshairs form the basis for the exact calculation of the template. Plexiglas plates as well as standard paper sizes (DIN A4, A3, A2, etc.) can be used to provide the scale – making Virtual Digitizing also suitable for small measurements on construction sites.



The digital image generated can be opened in the VirtualDigitizing software with a single click.

Thanks to the high degree of user-friendliness, markings at the stencil edges, as well as optional drill holes or cut-outs, can be defined manually or automatically.



VirtualDigitizing generates a high-precision, accurate DXF file that can be forwarded to all types of cutting equipment and to production immediately.

Automatic contour smoothing means that no further editing is required before cutting. It can be used in all areas of production from the glass industry to water jet cutting.


See for yourself – VirtualDigitizing will change the way you work.

VirtualDigitizing has been successfully implemented in more than 500 companies worldwide.

Our digitizing software will help your company produce consistent quality while at the same time providing a way to document and archive the templates for your customers.

Digitizing templates in practice

KLINGER Gysi AG uses VirtualDigitizing directly at the cutting table

Without a digitizing solution, customer supplied templates can often be a difficult task, as the Swiss company KLINGER Gysi AG can confirm. This can easily be remedied by using digitizing software such as VirtualDigitizing by SOFTSOLUTION, which allows a quick digitizing of templates, patterns and 2D objects.

Reference point determination (automatic)
Finding outlines (manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic)
Export to DXF

VirtualDigitizing from Softsolution will change the way you work.