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Deflection Measurement for Minimizing Breakage Risk and Downtime

Glass processing companies often face unforeseen setbacks and increased costs due to the undesirable deflection of glass. These deflections can lead to delays in further processing and even breakage, resulting in time-consuming and expensive cleaning work.

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That’s where the BowScanner comes in.

  • Designed specifically for glass processors and fabricators working with tempered glass, the BowScanner offers a solution to minimize risks and optimize production efficiency.
  • By measuring the overall bow of glass before it will be transported to storage systems or used for an insulated glass unit or laminated glass it prevents downtime and guarantees a reliable product quality. At the same time it helps the furnace operator to optimize his work.
  • Equipped with cutting-edge features, the BowScanner delivers exceptional performance and accuracy. Its vertical installation allows for easy integration into existing glass processing workflows.
  • The BowScanner provides precise measurements at an impressive rate of 60 measurements per second.
The output of the total deflection in mm for all 4 outer edges and both diagonals.

The output of the total deflection in mm for all 4 outer edges and both diagonals

The surface profile of the glass pane is displayed in color

The Softsolution BowScanner delivers valuable data, including total deflection for all edges and both diagonals. It displays the glass pane’s surface profile, aiding effective analysis. It optimizes workflows, reduces breakage risk, prevents that bowed glasses are further used for insulated glass units or laminats; therefore cuts downtime and costs for glass processing companies.

Enhance productivity with the BowScanner, ensuring high-quality products and a competitive edge.

BowScanner Features