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  • Virginia Glass Products/Virginia Mirror Company recently completed the installation of an Osprey 9 Distortion Inspection System.

    “We always want the best coming out of our plant and we continue to invest in the best equipment and technology to make that happen,” says Rodney Keatts, vice president.

    The tempered glass that comes from the 110,000-square-foot plant in Ridgeway, Va., is used for entrances, handrails, structural walls, partitions, office systems, shower enclosures and more.

    “With our entrance into a state-of-the-art laminated operation, having the best tempered [glass] possible is extremely important in the quality efforts there,” adds Keatts. “For more than 64 years we have been a leader in this space, and investments like this just continue that effort.”

    The patented Osprey 9 Distortion Inspection system by LiteSentry is designed and manufactured in the U.S. It measures all types of optical distortion including roller wave and edge kink.

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