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Saint-Gobain Hasselt uses LineScanner for glass quality control

  • High-quality glazing requires high-quality systems for the quality control of glass.

    Saint-Gobain Hasselt, formerly Boermans in Kuringen / Belgium, produces and sells double and triple glazed units for purposes such as soundproofing, safety, and solar control. In addition, Saint-Gobain Hasselt offers innovative glass solutions for all living and working environments where comfort and safety are of the utmost importance.

    In order to meet these high quality demands, the company decided to use a LineScanner from SOFTSOLUTION. The vertical LineScanner (2500 mm) was installed on an insulating glass line, after the press, where it inspects the finished insulating glass units by SOFTSOLUTION technician, Samir Pasalic. The LineScanner checks not only for surface defects but it also verifies the coating of glass if it’s on the correct surface by using a glass thickness and coating sensor.

    “In order to be able to guarantee a complete archiving of each scanned lite, the Saint-Gobain Group decided to use the LineScanner archiving system. The software provides the customer with a PDF report for each individual insulating glass unit, which can be used to quickly and easily evaluate quality statistics during production,” says Sales Manager Jonas Pfannenstill.

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