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ISO 9001 Certification Achieved: Boosting Quality, Efficiency, and Growth!

  • ISO 9001 Certification for Softsolution
  • Our team has successfully completed the ISO 9001 certification! With Quality Austria, we have improved our quality management and promoted organizational development, resource efficiency, and legal compliance. By focusing on processes and continuous improvement, we optimize value creation.

    A big thank you to Georg Aigner and Wolfgang Klamert, a great team led by Florian Jägersberger who made significant contributions to the implementation of the ISO certification. As a result, we can make future-oriented and sustainable changes at Softsolution.

    A quality management system according to ISO 9001 helps to guarantee that an organization is capable of meeting customer requirements and statutory and regulatory requirements placed on their products and services. Such a system also makes it possible to ensure that the organization is continually working on the improvement of customer satisfaction. In order to guarantee all this, the process approach is anchored in the standard. This process approach comprises a consistent process focus, the further development of the processes enabled by the use of the Plan-Do-Check-Act model (PDCA cycle), and a constant look at risks and opportunities.

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