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Qatar’s leading specialist for building facades & architectural interiors relies on Osprey 10 Complete

  • Alutec is a leading building façade and architectural interiors specialist based out of Qatar. For over two decades, Alutec has been reshaping Qatar’s skyline.

    Each product – from customized window, door, and partition systems applications in the commercial, residential, education, hospitality, entertainment, and retail industries – is manufactured in-house in their facilities to ensure control over the schedule, quality and cost requirements to consistently deliver top quality products to their customers around the world.

    In order to control optical distortion in glass, which is caused by a lack of flatness in the glass surface, often caused by the glass not being evenly heated during the production process, Alutec invested in a Osprey 10 Complete system from LiteSentry – Softsolution.

    The Osprey measures parameters such as optical distortion, anisotropy, belly bending, and skunk stripes to provide quick and accurate data for glass quality control by featuring an intuitive user interface and a powerful software system. Its accuracy and reliability make it the perfect tool for quality assurance of glass products, as Alutec requires.

    “We at Alutec are delighted to have installed the latest Osprey 10 Complete scanning technology for tempered glass, at our tier-one glazing facility in Doha. This assists us in several ways:

    1. To gain live data on distortion and iridescence, ensuring we know our tempered products are within specified tolerances, immediately post tempering.
    2. To track the data over time, allowing us to accurately review our processes, in our continuous drive for improvement.
    3. To remove ambiguity from the approval process. The analyzed data from Osprey is key to this process. We at Alutec are always driving science over opinion.

    Many thanks to the Osprey team for their quick turnaround during the install process and it was also very nice to hear how extremely low our distortion is, in comparison to the global norms experienced by the Osprey install team.”, says Mr. John Douglas from Alutec.

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