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Long-term growth through partnership with LiteSentry

  • SOFTSOLUTION GmbH and LiteSentry, LLC form a partnership

    SOFTSOLUTION and LiteSentry are pleased to announce this new partnership to support both companies’ long-term growth and success.

    As a result of this partnership, both LiteSentry and SOFTSOLUTION enhance their ability to respond to customer needs with more localized resources, improve end users’ access to the best available technology for their evolving glass production needs, accelerate new product development from the industry’s most innovative teams.

    SOFTSOLUTION and LiteSentry will continue to operate in their current locations.  The leadership team and organization, along with their commitment to innovation and customer support remain unchanged.

    “We are excited to work alongside the LiteSentry team to position ourselves to find even more future-oriented, innovative solutions that inspire our customers and partners anew every day”, commented Thomas Schuller, Founder and Managing Director of SOFTSOLUTION.

    Gary Di Dio, President of LiteSentry, added, This collaboration brings the leading inspection and process control solutions together to serve every aspect of the flat glass fabrication process. Customers can count on us as comprehensive partners to help them solve their toughest challenges and deliver the highest quality, most beautiful glass.

    // About LiteSentryLiteSentry™

    LLC designs and manufactures patented inspection technology for the glass, solar PV, and sheet plastic industries. LiteSentry has installed over 450 inspection systems measuring distortion, flatness, defects, blemishes, size, and geometry; and 1,000 measurement sensors to monitor thickness, coating, air gap, and other critical metrics at glass fabrication and sheet plastic extrusion plants worldwide. When quality is essential, LiteSentry systems are the solution.

    // About Softsolution

    Founded in 2000 by Peter Pfannenstill, Thomas Schuller and Hermann Sonnleitner, and based in Waidhofen/Ybbs in the Austrian state of Lower Austria, SOFTSOLUTION is a leading provider of automated inspection and process control systems to the flat glass fabrication market. SOFTSOLUTION GmbH is an Austrian-based manufacturer of highly professional glass quality assurance systems, and a software developer in the field of digitization with locations in Lower Austria, Waidhofen / Ybbs, and Chicago, Illinois.  Since 2002, the company’s image analysis products, such as the LineScanner, CulletScanner, and VirtualDigitizing, have been used for all quality inspections of transparent flat glass products such as single sheets, insulating glass, automotive glass, processed glass, polycarbonate, or film.

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