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South Africa’s car glass manufacturer Shatterprufe® relies on a LineScanner

  • The leading windscreen and car glass manufacturer Shatterprufe® from South Africa tests its automotive glass with an All-in-one LineScanner from SOFTSOLUTION. Today Shatterprufe® is the largest national supplier of replacement automotive glass and delivers more than 700 vehicle brand- and models.

    Thanks to the All-in-One LineScanner, the South African company is able to test its glasses for dimensional, quality and surface defects with the utmost precision. The quality inspection of logos developed especially for the automotive industry is now standard and is also used by Shatterprufe®.

    The data of the tested glass lites are stored in the LineScanner archive software and can be viewed continuously at any time by Shatterprufe®. In addition, the data archive can be used to evaluate various statistics (production statistics, target / actual statistics, errors per defect category, etc.) and thus provide the company with comprehensive information at the touch of a button.

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